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Engaging students in the history of their community and giving them artistic vehicles to create change are powerful tools in the building of tomorrow’s leaders.

Welcome to the website of Communities Creating Change. We are a non-profit community-based organization in Riverdale, IL, dedicated to empowering youth and their families to understand and improve their lives and communities. Since 2005 our transformative programming that combines Steam workshops, history, writing, community dialogue and a wide range of art forms has touched hundreds of youth, helping to create caring, creative, and responsible citizens.

Please take a look around to learn about our exciting programs, including STEAM, Natural Nature Kids Club, Teens Acting In Community and the Breaking the Cycle Club (BTC Club). Get updates by following our blog posts. And support us by donating to make this important work possible.

Communities Creating Change is generously supported by ArcelorMittal, Fire this Time Fund, Acme Continental Credit Union, and the New Riverdale Park District.

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